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Greenfit was founded in 2014, since than has been producing the most advanced plastic pipe ande fitting systems made of PVC and PP-R. Our Headquarters and Manufacturing Facilities are based in Ergene, Tekirdağ, Turkey.

With our experienced management team and diverse workforce who are dedicated to innovation, quality and customer satisfaction, Our focus is to provide premium quality of piping and fitting solutions to our Worldwide Customers.Greenfit Products are now available in retail outlets, hypermarkets, supermarkets, hardware and speciality stores and wholesalers in Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Bulgaria, Romania, Republic of Moldova, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. Since procreate the highest quality product and service was a prime concern of Greenfit, We have been confirmed by ISO 9001:2015 Certification.
Greenfit Products are made of raw materials produced by renowned World Manufacturers that follow all international quality norms and requirements. Greenfit PP-R Products are made of 97% high quality polypropylene and 3% of non-toxic additive mix which contains no harmful chemicals. The most important they are 100% recyclable and it takes less energy to produce and run. PP-R systems when compared to traditional pipping systems and longevity. They are designed to last 3-4 times longer and resulting in less possible waste. Our Quality Control Team ensures that all products manufactured are stringent to International Quality Standards.


• To keep up with the global competition and technological developments, to determine the needs and expectations of customers correctly and to perform all necessary infrastructure and staff

• Defining all our stakeholders (especially our customers), defining their demands, defining the product and service steps that will meet these demands and expectations, reviewing, improving and improving these definitions with all stakeholders when necessary

• Our chain of ethics and values, starting from the source to the end user; to operate and develop in an efficient and sustainable way with our experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated human resources at all levels.

• Technology is an inevitable fact; Minimize your virtual security concern

• The information of all our stakeholders; maintain awareness of information security in the perspective of confidentiality, integrity and accessibility

• To prioritize work and worker safety by adopting ön Safety First güvenli and zero risk perspective

• To be a company that works on the basis of an the right person for the right job, the right person for the right job an in the working environment, acting with the awareness of team work and increasing, managing and holding the competencies.

• To establish, operate and maintain a high standard of quality, information security, environment and work safety infrastructure supporting the vision of leadership and growth in the current market and possible new markets.
• Increasing product diversity without compromising the principle of customer satisfaction, obtaining new markets and gaining more control in existing markets

• To meet the needs and expectations of the customers by creating a working environment which will continuously increase the quality of the existing products with the participation of the employees.

• Distinguishing between potential competitors by continuously improving technological progress

• Based on the satisfaction of all our stakeholders, with internal and external corporate ties; strengthening our ties by establishing corporate roles, responsibilities, and solution processes

• Focusing on natural and renewable energy in the use of energy and resources; to leave a more beautiful and livable environment to future generations with our social responsibility awareness and environmentalist direction

• Risk-based and process-logic perspective to be flawless

• The effectiveness of management systems; regularly review, measure and evaluate national / international regulations, regulations, continuous improvement, improvement, efficiency, competence and conformity parameters in accordance with the relevant standard requirements; to be at the top of all systematic approaches

Quality Control

Our Quality Control Team ensures that all products manufactured are stringent to International Quality Standards.


"In order to ensure the full satisfaction of our customers and to be the indispensable choice of all our products, in all production stages as a continuous development understanding, the desired quality, delivery time and the most economical way to produce. Greenfit Plastic in this sense; to improve the quality of the product, to increase the quality of our employees, to ensure the compliance with the standard conditions for the continuous improvement of the Quality Management System with a risk-based perspective and to carry out continuous quality awareness for all employees. and undertakes continuous improvement with commitment. "
"Greenfit Plastik is continuously reviewing risk management and continuous improvement / development working culture by providing a process in accordance with the principles of ensuring confidentiality, integrity and accessibility after defining all the information assets of the existing / existing assets.
While the standard protects the compliance of international legislation, legal and procedural requirements, all the information of its employees and all stakeholders outside of the company, including our customers, on the other hand, our company, which has increased its awareness of information security, has embraced the company as a policy by establishing its satisfaction, corporate roles, responsibilities and responsibilities, and the necessary information-technology solutions and processes."
"To provide a work environment free of occupational accidents and occupational diseases. Our company has determined all risks in production and services point and has adopted as a principle to comply with all international regulations, legal regulations and standard conditions while continuing its functioning by defensive and planned action against these risks." With the participation of our employees with gözlem and zero risk perspective, the satisfaction, safety and health of all our stakeholders, primarily employees' satisfaction, are in the forefront and are constantly reviewed by audits and observations. Greenfit Plastik is looking for ways to prevent all possible hazardous situations and behaviors; on the other hand, it is committed to increase awareness and culture in terms of occupational health and safety, continuous improvement and continuity of occupational health and safety. "
To achieve success; transparent, honest, objective way; is to shape the internal and external environment working environment in accordance with international regulations, legal regulations and standard conditions. In doing so; waste management in waste management, proper disposal of possible wastes, optimum use of natural resources and sustainable resource use, identifying pollution at source; to minimize pollution with the protection of air, water and soil quality; to raise awareness of our environment and to raise awareness about our environment by instilling our environmental policy and environmental policy to all our stakeholders, especially our employees and customers; to leave a livable environment to future generations by using products that do not harm human health and environment in all of our activities; It has adopted the policy of working in an environment that is constantly being improved and developed and ensuring its continuity by continuously observing these stages with the perspective of preventing risks.
"As a part of the society we live in, based on human rights, built within the framework of respect, love, honesty, impartiality and transparency, and to be in contact with all internal and external issues and elbow, is the basic principle of our policy. Greenfit Plastik, who explores, manages and manages capabilities in the perspective of geliş Human Right to the Right Job, Towards the Right Person açık, supports the awareness of teamwork, is always open to learning / teaching and changes / developments, integrating these new changes and developments into the corporate culture. corporate loyalty and sense of belonging has always been at the forefront. K.V.K.K. and other national / international laws and systematically quality management approach, the ownership and confidentiality of information, occupational health and safety, environment and systematic approaches in compliance with our company, disciplined in a way to continuously increase the corporate image; has adopted an innovative, awareness-raising, socially responsible strategy. "
Greenfit Plastik, which has continuously differentiated itself with its management approach, innovative spirit, dignity, and culture of partnership with all domestic and foreign stakeholders, has a different background, with different talents and all employees including business partners and customers with different ideas. Our company, which has a strong communication network both locally and globally, establishes honest relations with all its stakeholders, has the ability to discover risks beforehand and take necessary measures, comply with national and international laws and regulations, has an understanding of principles and values ​​that adopts equality of opportunity, and believes in fair competition. Quality Management System, Information Security Management System, Occupational Health and Safety Management System and integrated other systems established within our company and tried to develop at every opportunity are proof of this vision. With this integration of Management Systems, the continuity and sustainability strategy has been adopted and implemented by Greenfit Plastik.


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Velimeşe O.S.B. Mahallesi 233.Sokak No:34/1 Ergene / Tekirdağ / Turkey
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